What is Ingo?

Ingo Beauty Salons™ was created in order to help you find and promote your favorite salon, connect with salon representatives and socialize with them and other members!

How does it work?

Find a beauty salon:

Whether you are looking for a better, or just a new salon, we've got you covered! Just navigate to your chosen US state and select a city, click on the type of salon that you are looking for, and you will be presented with the list of Ingo hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, or day spas in your selected city!

You can also use our search engine. All you have to do is select a type of salon, a radius, and fill out the search box with a city, address, or zip code and as soon as you click on the magnifying glass you're done!

Promote your favorite salon:

Is your favorite salon included in the directory? If not, you should let them know or get them listed yourself! While you need to be authorized in order to become a salon rep, everybody can still list a salon starting from the salon owner all the way to a happy customer!

Once you ensure that your salon is included in the directory, you can vote it up so that it's listed higher than the rest!

Connect to a beauty salon representative:

Have you ever wanted to get in touch with a salon representative? Through Ingo Beauty Salons™, you are given the opportunity to find exclusive deals, share your comments and ask questions directly to the source! Simply visit a salon page by clicking on their listing, and you will see a link to the representative's profile.

Once you are there, you can see their latest posts which include deals and special offers, you can message them, and you can even friend them to get updates whenever they post a new offer!

Socialize with salon representatives and other members:

Ingo Beauty Salons™ is a community of salon owners, customers, and friends! You have a chance to communicate and socialize with every member by messaging them or you can friend them and receive their updates, whether that's deals and special offers from salon reps or a unique experience that one of our members shared from a recent salon visit. You can share anything on your personal wall and we strongly encourage creativity!

Connect with other members who have voted for your favorite salon by clicking on "See who voted" on each individual salon listing or meet some new friends from your city!